Is Your Teen Daughter Struggling with Mental Health or Substance Use Issues?

Potomac Programs at Hobble Creek Offers Short-Term Residential Care and Support for Teen Girls Ages 12-17

Potomac Programs at Hobble Creek

Potomac at Hobble Creek—located in Springville, Utah, approximately 55 miles southeast of Salt Lake City—offers short-term residential care and support for girls ages 12-17 struggling with mental health and / or substance use issues. We provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment to help families and their daughters address and overcome the following behavioral health issues that may be affecting their everyday life.

  • Academic Difficulties
  • Substance Use
  • Family Conflict
  • Other Mental Health Challenges and Difficulties

Treatment Provided at Hobble Creek

For teen girls experiencing and struggling with the above issues, the earlier they are diagnosed, the more effective treatment can be. Identifying those behaviors and symptoms early on and implementing a course of care and specialized treatment can prevent further and more severe problems from developing as teen girls grow into adults.

Short-term treatment typically lasts between one and three months. Teens best suited for short-term treatment often come to Hobble Creek from another treatment program or an unsuccessful living environment seeking a 24-hour continuum of care. In our nurturing home-like environment, we provide an empathetic and supportive therapeutic structure that helps teens manage their daily life tasks and make healthy lifestyle changes.

In addition, it is important to us that your daughter and family are set up for success upon returning home from our intensive setting. We want to make sure whole family healing can take place, which is why we provide therapeutic coaching and support for the entire family.  Once your daughter completes our program, we will work with her local healthcare professionals to ensure a seamless and successful return home.

At Hobble Creek, we utilize several different modes of treatment including the following...

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

We use Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a type of cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as talk therapy, to identify and change negative thinking patterns and unhealthy behaviors that affect quality of life, teaching your daughter new skills to effectively cope with stress, monitor and regulate emotions, decrease conflict, improve relationships with others, focus on the present and live in the moment. We then help her practice these skills so she can apply what she learned at home, at school, at work, and in the community, and achieve her goals, improve upon her well-being, and effect lasting positive change.


SMART Recovery

There are a variety of approaches to treating children struggling with addictions. Of all the options available, we are most impressed with and utilize SMART Recovery. SMART stands for Self-Management And Recovery Training and this approach has been shown, through ongoing scientific research and continual clinical refinement, to be highly effective.

By combining a blend of cognitive behavior therapy, emotional coping strategies and group and family support, SMART Recovery will teach your daughter how to control her addictive behavior by focusing on her underlying thoughts and feelings, and will provide her with the skills she needs to manage her cravings and urges for the long term. The SMART Recovery approach to behavioral change is built around the following 4-point program:

  1. Enhancing and maintaining motivation to abstain.
  2. Coping with urges.
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  4. Balancing momentary and enduring satisfactions.


Experiential Therapy

As its name indicates, experiential therapy involves actions, movements, and activities rather than the more traditional “talk therapy.” It is at the core of Potomac Programs’ therapeutic approach and involves group activities, outings, and in the moment interventions. The goal of this approach is to focus on actual involvement with different types of experiences, including emotional processing, interactions with others, creativity, and reflections of events that go beyond traditional “talk therapy.” This helps to speed up the therapeutic process, promoting change in a shorter period of time and allowing your daughter to develop insight and realization into the nature of her inner thoughts, feelings, experiences, needs, and proactive methods to address these.

In addition, it is important to us that your daughter and family are set up for success upon returning home from our intensive setting. We want to make sure whole family healing can take place, which is why we provide therapeutic coaching and support for the entire family.  Once your daughter completes our program, we will work with her local healthcare professionals to ensure a seamless and successful return home.

Why Choose Hobble Creek?

  • Local

    Located just one hour southeast of Salt Lake international Airport—nestled in the beautiful hills of Springville, UT—our healthy, home-like environment provides the idyllic setting for therapeutic, vocational and recreational support.

  • Accessible

    Whether you’re located in Utah Valley or anywhere else in the U.S., we are here to help provide the best path to healing, guiding your daughter and your family every step of the way.

  • Experiential

    Therapy is much more than talking. We will engage your daughter’s physical and emotional capacities with a variety of activities, team challenges, mindfulness exercises, and creative arts that leverage our scenic mountain setting.

  • Affordable

    We will work with your insurance company to advocate throughout the entire process with strong assessments, treatment planning and robust aftercare planning.

Meet the Hobble Creek Team

Choosing the right treatment program for your daughter is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make as a parent. The Potomac Programs at Hobble Creek Team has served families for a combined five decades at several nationally recognized treatment programs. Our team has been carefully assembled to ensure the correct blend of training, clinical credentials and experience to meet the challenges of providing your daughter and family with a safe, supportive, caring and effective short-term residential treatment plan.

Brent Esplin

Brent Esplin

Position: Executive Director
Credentials: LMFT
Brent has spent his career of almost 20 years working with teens and their families in a variety of settings including residential treatment, acute care, intensive outpatient and home based services. He has served in various leadership capacities over the years including clinical director, admissions/business development director, intake director and director of utilization review. Brent relates comfortably and professionally with families and clients alike. Although Brent has a wide range of clinical knowledge, his true passion and skill set lie in working with people. He finds great joy in guiding families out of a crisis situation and into peaceful solutions. Brent’s experience working within the field of mental health in admissions allows him to have the breadth of knowledge when assessing the needs of clients in acute situations, as well as less critical circumstances. Brent played an integral part in creating an operational psychiatric facility within a community unfamiliar with such practice. Brent is an active member of his community and finds the most joy spending time with his family. His wife, Julie, and their three teenagers thoroughly enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Julie is an elite marathon runner and Brent rides his bike along side her to keep up. Brent and Julie love attending their kids sporting events including high school football, soccer and cheerleading.
Brent Esplin

Brent has spent his career of almost 20 years working...

Brent Esplin

Executive Director
Noel Miller

Noel Miller

Position: Associate Executive Director

Noel started her journey with Embark Behavioral Health in 2012 as a Mentor at Sunrise RTC. There she was able to build deep relationships with the students and staff; she had a passion for working closely with families and for helping to heal the entire family system. Noel went on to serve as Residential Director for over three years. She then left Sunrise for a year and worked as the Executive Director of New Haven Residential Treatment Center. She returned to Sunrise as the Director of Operations for a short time before becoming the Associate Executive Director Potomac at Hobble Creek.

Noel is committed to the highest standards of quality and knows how to create a culture of empowerment for her colleagues, clients, and their families. She is a proven leader who inspires others with a compassionate heart and determination to provide the best quality of services. Her ability to build and lift others is what makes her a great leader. She has been responsible for building leaders who continue to provide for students, families, and employees and will carry on the great legacy she has created. Noel grew up in northern Utah and has a degree in Criminal Justice from Southern Utah University. Noel’s experience and training include comprehensive training in DBT and experience in implementing trauma work with adolescent females. She has had extensive leadership roles and responsibilities throughout her academic and professional careers. Noel’s passions include hiking, camping, and traveling.

Noel Miller

Noel started her journey with Embark Behavioral Health in 2012...

Noel Miller

Associate Executive Director

Lauren Disner

Position: Clinical Director
Credentials: LMFT, CADC-l

Lauren Disner brings her extensive background as a therapist, clinical leader, entrepreneur, educator and treatment innovator to Potomac at Hobble Creek. From her early work in direct care responsibilities in an adolescent treatment program to her more recent leadership of a successful group practice and an adult recovery center, Lauren is at home working with families with challenges. Lauren’s work and interest areas, both personal and professional, have allowed her to connect powerfully with clients while utilizing a rich set of clinical skills, including DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, family systems approaches, addiction recovery strategies and focused trauma work. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Lauren’s life outside of work encompasses a wonderful multi-cultural family, musicianship, a regular mindfulness practice and a variety of other interests.

Lauren and her husband Carlos are parents to four kids. She and her family enjoy learning new skills in handicrafts and homesteading, engaging in a variety of sports such as baseball and soccer, practicing dance, reading popular fantasy series books aloud, and watching historical fiction dramas.

Lauren Disner brings her extensive background as a therapist, clinical...

Lauren Disner

Clinical Director

Jennifer Jones

Position: Director of Nursing
Credentials: RN, MHS

Jennifer Jones began her career in mental health as a psych tech in the Utah State Hospital system serving a wide array of patients who are some of those with the most enduring and difficult challenges encountered in the treatment world.  During college, Jennifer’s commitment to her patients and to the hospital continued as she maintained work ethic while completing her nursing degrees.  This led to leadership positions where she has overseen the development of improved services for patients, developed incentives that improved staff morale and increased efficiency of treatment teams, reductions in repeat admissions and encouraged the integration of mental health and medical services. Jennifer is known for her ability to connect powerfully with those she serves while ensuring a high degree of professionalism from entry level personnel to the psychiatric team. With over twenty years of experience, Jennifer provides Potomac at Hobble Creek a unique ability to serve our clients.   “There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing someone rediscover themselves and look toward the future with a newfound hope and passion for life.”

Away from work Jennifer is closely involved with her family.  She and her husband enjoy the outdoors and spending quality time with their 3 children, watching and supporting them as they grow into unique individuals, with big personalities.  Although work/life balance can be complicated, her family supports her career choice and look up to her efforts in helping others.  They are excited for this new chapter in her career, and share in her hope to make a difference for those that she will have the opportunity to cross paths with.

Jennifer Jones began her career in mental health as a...

Jennifer Jones

Director of Nursing

Steve White

Position: Chef

Steve White is a prime example of someone who has followed his passion. Throughout a highly successful career managing several regional departments of a national diesel manufacturing company followed by oversight of marine operations and repairs of large, ocean-going vessels Steve could not get away from his true calling as a chef. So, he went back to school, completed a culinary four year degree and began refining his natural talents into a career where he is noted for his versatility, professional knowledge, and for his unique ability create delicious and nutritious meals that range from mouth watering American fare to several variations on international cuisine favorites. Working with our dietician, Steve is able to address unique dietary needs of our some of our clients while appealing to all of our staff and clients with his rotating menu. Steve is also a great teacher who hopes to light the passions in our clients when it comes to becoming more versatile, less fast food dependent, and more competent as they move into adulthood.

Steve White is a prime example of someone who has...

Steve White


Caroline Knight

Position: Therapist
Credentials: CMHC

Caroline Knight with “Friendly State” Texas roots and an irrepressible personality Caroline Knight has always been fascinated with how the world works and why people are the way they are. From her experience on the front lines of direct care for troubled teenagers in residential treatment settings to her experiences in outpatient settings and day treatment clinics Caroline brings the kind of experience and compassion from which our clients and their families at Hobble Creek deeply benefit. Caroline has seen the ravages of eating disorders and the trauma from emotional and sexual abuse impact clients in several different situations. Caroline’s skills and experience significantly contributes to why Hobble Creek can propel deep and lasting change in the young women and their families we are privileged to serve. Caroline is not only passionate about her professional work. In her personal time, she loves spending time with family and friends, cooking, and enjoying art and music projects while biking and hiking in in the gorgeous Utah mountains.

Caroline Knight with “Friendly State” Texas roots and an irrepressible...

Caroline Knight

Maylan Peterson Hobble Creek Potomac Programs

Maylan Peterson

Position: Supervisor

Maylan has spent the last 8 years gaining knowledge by working with youth in many different types of programs. Starting at Provo Canyon School as a Mentor and working her way up to being a Supervisor before leaving to expand her knowledge in various other programs. Maylan has always had a passion for helping people heal and grow into healthy versions of themselves, she enjoys supporting and helping adolescent females grow and flourish as adults.

In her free time Maylan enjoys spending time with her family, especially her dog, Trigger. She enjoys spending time in nature and hiking, but most of all she loves being an aunt to her many her nieces and nephews!

Maylan Peterson Hobble Creek Potomac Programs

Maylan has spent the last 8 years gaining knowledge by...

Maylan Peterson


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