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We've been helping people like you succeed for decades (since 1995)! Read on to see how we'll help you reclaim your happiness.

Why are we so confident you will get better? Four simple reasons:

You're more capable than you're feeling right now

We genuinely care

You have parents who care

We're really good at this

We'll Help You Afford It.

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We're Different. This is What You've Been Looking For

Our therapists aren’t like other therapists you’ve worked with. They’re licensed of course, but you’ve had enough of so-called experts who can’t relate. Our therapists are easy to connect with and they’re very good at what they do.

Group of teens chatting

You Belong Here - And You Can Tell

What’s more, we employ people who have struggled themselves. They have been in recovery for a year or longer – and they are doing great! They get it. They are available to help you move forward into a more hopeful future. And let’s not forget the most important thing: the other participants you’ll meet are on a similar journey. They all want to treat themselves better. That attitude is infectious. You belong here. You’ll feel it.

We're Here When You Need Us

Your entire life doesn’t have to stop while you are taking care of you. We are constantly retooling our schedules to ensure that you have treatment options that fit around you having time to enjoy your life. You want to succeed at school, work, service, and with your family, so you need to be able to spend time there. In fact, that’s the whole point isn’t it?

Try What REALLY Works

It might be hard to believe, but people who emerge from Potomac Programs enjoy the experience. They tell us we are warm, welcoming, and our favorite – non-institutional. We don’t feel like a hospital because we are NOT a hospital.

Eve (Afternoon and Evening Schedules)

Day (Morning and Daytime Schedules)

If you need help before or after school (or work), but you need more than a traditional one-hour therapy session, we have options for you. Here is an example of the times our groups are typically offered.

Group Name Type of Therapy and Issues Addressed Minimum Required Attendance
DBT IOP Primarily DBT-focused groups for substance abuse and other addiction issues 3 hours at a time, 3 days per week
DBT IOP Primarily DBT-focused groups for depression/anxiety and other mental emotional health issues 3 hours at a time, 3 days per week
SUP IOP Primarily 7 Challenges-focused groups for substance abuse and other addiction issues 3 hours at a time, 3 days per week
Day PHP Primarily DBT-focused groups for depression/anxiety and other mental and emotional health issues 5 hours at a time, 5 days per week

Choices Tailored To You

Potomac Home staff come in two types: “clinical” and “coach”. Both are for you (we call them “Mentors”). You have your choice of a “clinical” Mentor, who is a licensed therapist, or a “coach” Mentor, who is just what it sounds like – a coach for your life. A Potomac Home Mentor will meet you at school, at home (obviously), or at a favorite spot in town, like a coffee shop or climbing gym. Some of our life coaches can coach you over a phone or tablet.

Someone You Can Count On

If you struggle with being distracted all the time, or bored, or you feel particularly lonely, depressed, or anxious, Potomac Home can help. Say you are battling to stay sober, trying to spend less time on your phone, or you just want someone you can count on to be there when you’re feeling particularly fearful; Home is the right Potomac program for you.


Home Services

Potomac “Home” is our name for appointments that occur in the community rather than in our offices. When you’d prefer to get support at random times of the day or evening, Potomac Home services are usually only 1-2 hours per week.

A "Whole Family" Solution

We also have the same options for your parents but instead of calling them Mentors we call them “Parent Coaches”. Your parents can choose to have “clinical” or “life” assistance. And some of our life coaches can coach your parents over a phone or a tablet or a computer.

Ready When You Are

In addition to weekly scheduled sessions, Potomac Mentors and Coaches are available for you and your parents in real time, at critical moments when you might need support and guidance the most.

Wherever You Are

Many of our Home participants have come to us after completing a wilderness program or residential treatment. They can’t stand the thought of going back to an office for more therapy. Potomac Home is a better alternative. We meet you wherever you are most comfortable.

Earning Our Reputation

This in-the-moment support via phone or text is why Potomac Home has earned its reputation for success with tough, real-world situations.

Optimize Your Support Network

Here’s an example of how your Potomac Home Mentor and Parent Coach work together with your family to optimize the resources you have in your community. Many people are surprised to learn that there are hundreds of solutions for you within the circle of friends and leaders you already know!


How You'll Succeed

We are almost always doing something rather than just endlessly talking about something. You’ve already tried that.

We don’t just do the boring “sit and talk to me” therapy – unless you really need to just talk. We go outside. We use nature in fun, creative and powerful ways. We practice new skills, so you’ll feel less worried about using them out in the real world. We create moments – safe moments – where you’ll hear others share real experiences. You can judge for yourself what works and what doesn’t. 

Need to Get Away?

Potomac’s 24/7 program is for when you need to get away overnight. If you or your loved ones are worried about you taking your own life – or even worried about you having so much anxiety that you never leave the house to live your life – then the Potomac 24/7 program is for you.


Coming Soon: 24/7 Care

24/7 is often referred to as “residential treatment” because you live with us overnight. You eat with us, sleep at our facility, participate in school classes, and have your therapy all under one roof – in other words, in one residence.

You Work on You, We Handle the Rest

Potomac 24/7 is designed to keep you on track in school while you sort yourself out. We get you on the right medications, evaluate your neurobiology, and address family issues. You have individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy. We do what’s called “experiential” therapy in large doses. That means we give you therapy in the guise of experiences: experiences like animal-assisted therapy (think horses and dogs); experiences that build your resume for future jobs; experiences with drama, art and music; experiences involving yoga, construction, and academics; and other intellectual and cultural experiences. This is the opposite of a hospital setting.

Too Many Go Through Life Suffering

Suicide, anxiety and depression are on the rise – and young people your age are more at risk today than ever before. Too many people go through life suffering from trauma, loneliness, intense social pressure, feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, depression, and shame. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Take a look here to see how we help you fix all kinds of problems:

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We Can Prove It - See For Yourself

The longer answer to why we know this will work for you is that we base what we do in a heavy dose of research and decades of experience. We’ve been helping people heal for more than 25 years. We have a gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission – an organization that inspects programs to make sure they really are good at treatment and not just good at advertising.

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