Does Your Son or Daughter Struggle with Mental Health and / or Substance Use Issues?

In-Home or Virtual Therapy Options for Children Ages 9-31.


Growing up in today’s world is much more challenging and stressful than it was for past generations. Social pressures are more prevalent and powerful, competition is much greater, technology is expanding, and anything and everything said or done can be made public on the internet in a span of five seconds. And, along with these struggles, adolescents and young adults are faced with physical and emotional changes which can present their own challenges as well.  Potomac Programs In-Home Family Support is here to support adolescents, young adults and families and help them navigate those challenges in an ever-changing world.

Who We Are

Potomac Programs In-Home Family Support, with locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Florida (South), New York, San Francisco Bay Area and the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, is a relational and experiential therapeutic support service for children ages 9-31 and their families—offering insight, implementing coping skills, and rebuilding trust and connection within the family system.

Our goal is to facilitate lasting change in families.

How Our In-Home Family Support Program Works

We offer a support system designed to help adolescents and young adults maintain good mental health as they experience these life changes and struggle to deal with a variety of behavioral and emotional challenges.

Using a ‘Family Systems’ approach, we provide two family clinicians, both with masters or doctorate degrees in the mental health field. One clinician is assigned as the clinical mentor, to work with the adolescent or young adult, and one is assigned as parent coach to work with the parents. We believe that working with the individual client, the client's family members, and the family system as a whole is essential to the healing process. As a result, children and family members better understand and manage their responses to situations that are putting stress on the family dynamic.


Our sessions occur in the community, rather than in an office. Family clinicians meet the child at school, at home, at their favorite spot in town or virtually in the comfort of their own home. Our community-based approach allows for interacting in real world situations so that children are supported in managing real world challenges and solutions. In addition to weekly scheduled sessions, family clinicians show up for families in real-time, when they need support and guidance the most. This strong relational and in-the-moment support helps lead to positive change. 

Why Our In-Home Family Support Program Works

Our ‘Family Systems’ approach supports the entire family and encourages communication, trust, connection, and continuous growth. Children gain confidence, self-esteem, and learn about healthy relationships with consistent and often daily interaction with family clinicians. As skills are implemented, boundaries are established, and communication channels open, we are here to cultivate and support a healthy family system.

Today’s challenging times can be overwhelming for children and parents. Evidence suggests that rates of anxiety, depression, self-harm and substance use among young people are currently at unprecedented levels.

If you or a family member are struggling, need help and want to learn more about our In-Home Family Support Program and insurance coverage options, call us at 855-557-5448.