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Stop struggling with mental health and substance abuse challenges. Programs for ages 14 - 24.

Behavioral Healthcare in Salt Lake City, UT

Potomac Programs

266 Left Fork Hobble Creek Canyon
Springville, UT 84663

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Phone: 866-534-7057

Services Offered:


24/7 Services

30 - 90 day inpatient overnight residential treatment (RTC) to keep you safe and get you back on track.

Potomac’s 24/7 program is for when you need to get away overnight. 24/7 is often referred to as “residential treatment” because you live with us overnight. You eat with us, sleep at our facility, participate in school classes, and have your therapy all under one roof – in other words, in one residence.

Potomac 24/7 is designed to keep you on track in school while you sort yourself out. We get you on the right medications, evaluate your neurobiology, and address family issues. You have individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy. 

New Experiences. New You.

We do what’s called “experiential” therapy in large doses. That means we give you therapy in the guise of experiences: experiences like animal-assisted therapy (think horses and dogs); experiences that build your resume for future jobs; experiences with drama, art and music; experiences involving yoga, construction, and academics; and other intellectual and cultural experiences. This is the opposite of a hospital setting.


Home Services

Potomac “Home” is our name for appointments that occur in the community rather than in our offices. When you’d prefer to get support at random times of the day or evening, Potomac Home services are usually only 1-2 hours per week.

A "Whole Family" Solution

We also have the same options for your parents but instead of calling them Mentors we call them “Parent Coaches”. Your parents can choose to have “clinical” or “life” assistance. And some of our life coaches can coach your parents over a phone or a tablet or a computer.

Ready When You Are

In addition to weekly scheduled sessions, Potomac Mentors and Coaches are available for you and your parents in real time, at critical moments when you might need support and guidance the most.

Wherever You Are

Many of our Home participants have come to us after completing a wilderness program or residential treatment. They can’t stand the thought of going back to an office for more therapy. Potomac Home is a better alternative. We meet you wherever you are most comfortable.

Earning Our Reputation

This in-the-moment support via phone or text is why Potomac Home has earned its reputation for success with tough, real-world situations.

Optimize Your Support Network

Here’s an example of how your Potomac Home Mentor and Parent Coach work together with your family to optimize the resources you have in your community. Many people are surprised to learn that there are hundreds of solutions for you within the circle of friends and leaders you already know!


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Meet the Salt Lake Team

Brent Esplin

Brent Esplin

Position: Executive Director
Credentials: LMFT
Brent is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with almost two decades of experience in a variety of roles including lead therapist, utilization review manager, clinical director, and admissions director. He co-led the development of a successful psychiatric hospital in the Utah Valley. His experience in long term and innovative community-based programming is essential at Potomac of Hobble Creek where active integration of family needs is able to be effectively passed on to the home community.  As an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Brent has trained several family therapists over the past decade. 
Brent Esplin

Brent is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with almost two...

Brent Esplin

Executive Director